• Miss Universe 2014

Miss Universe 2014 (Photo : www.msuniversepageant.org)

The 63rd Miss Universe pageant will present the beautiful women from 90 countries around the globe. All of them will be judged according to three categories, namely: evening gown, swimsuit, and Q&A portion.

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Contenders from Ecuador, South Africa, Philippine, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, India, and the USA are among the early favorites. As the coronation night draws near, predictions have been coming out, all based on these countries' pageant-winning history, number of fans, and popularity.

The HNGN top three picks are Miss USA, Miss Venezuel and Miss Puerto Rico. 

Miss USA is Nia Sanchez. It might sound biased, but Nia Sanchez is the first pick. This 4 year old beauty has won the hearts of millions of Americans with her sweet personality and stunning looks. Sanchez has a four-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and know jazz and ballet, says Movie News Guide.

A 19-year old, Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos is one of the most popular picks for the crown. This bombshell enjoys outdoor activities, specifically baseball. While most people think that beauty and brains cannot go together, Castellanos will prove millions wrong. With her breathtaking look and toned physique are her achievements two BA achievements in Universidad del Zulia and Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin.

Miss Puerto Rico, Gabriela Berrios has always had weight issues since childhood so she pushed for a happier and healthier life as it was not easy to be teased because of it. Her talent belongs to the kitchen, while she sis doing her desserts. Berrios, also, is a business administration student and plans to put up her very own company soon.

The Miss Universe 2014 coronation night will be on Jan. 25, Sunday, 8:00 p.m. on NBC.