• Molly Sano and Bennett

Molly Sano and Bennett (Photo : Facebook)

Molly Sano, a Seattle woman who adopted a three-year-old Chinese boy born deaf, is seeking the biological parents of her son who are from Ningbo, China. The impoverish parents abandoned Long Miao in May 2012 and Sano renamed him Bennett.

Besides his hearing problem, Bennett has a rare medical condition, Usher syndrome, which could result in the boy losing his vision before he reaches 20. That is the reason why Sano returned to Shanghai on Monday, reports The Telegraph.

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Her mission is to find the Longs whom Bennett wants to see before he becomes blind. Sano is coordinating with local governments and hospital to seek leads to the Longs whereabouts. That's in addition to the orphanage which raised Miao.

Bennett wants to "create special memories" of his birth parents before he becomes blind. At the same time, the little boy wants to assure his biological father and mother that he is safe, happy and is loved in his American adoptive family since they took Bennett as their child in February 2014.

It helps in raising Bennett that Sano's husband also has problems with his hearing and uses his knowledge of the American Sign Language to communicate with the boy.

The Sanos are among the thousands of American families who have adopted over 60,000 Chinese babies since 1991 when China put in place the one-child policy, changed this year to two-child policy. They are, however, an exception to the rule since most of the adopted babies were girls, reports Vanity Fair.