• Sex Dolls as Bonus

Sex Dolls as Bonus (Photo : Weibo)

If there is creative accounting among number crunchers in the corporate world, there is also creative awards to express a company’s unique way of appreciating its employees. For Lianlian CEO Wang Yuzhu, the way to do that is rather than give cash as bonus, he gives sex dolls.

However, not all workers of the tech startup in Guangzhou Province received the inflatable female bed companion. It is only given to single male employees, reported Mashable. Wang explained that he decided on the doll because many of the company’s workers were born in the 1980s and 1990s who would likely appreciate unique bonuses, reported Daily Mail.

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The dolls were given to the employees during a party on Sunday night, and some of them proudly displayed their new sex toy by posting images of the doll and themselves on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Some of the photos were reposted on Twitter. But the sex dolls given appear to be ordinary ones, unlike top-of-the-line sex dolls which could cost up to $2,500.

So as not to cause marital discord and to have gifts as well for female workers, Lianlian gave them dehumidifiers, spicy cooking sauce, do-it-yourself Chinese fire cupping sets and sandals, reported Daily Mail.

Chinese firms are apparently seeing sex as a gift to “hard” working employees. Beijing-based Qihoo360, another tech firm, gave as yearend bonus in 2015 an opportunity to spend the night with Julia Kyoka, a Japanese porn actress. Unlike the sex dolls which are inflatable, Julia is a real woman whose J-cup breasts do not need air to inflate.

The porn star, according to Shanghaiist, is just one option for employees of Qihoo360. Other choices include a luxury car and all-expenses-paid vacations.

At least for these male workers, the decision to have sex with Julia or the sex doll lies in their hands, or loins. In the case of male employees of a factory in Hunan Province, they are forced to have sex with female massage parlor workers to test how effective are the counterfeit Viagra the company manufactures, using diluted sex enhancement ingredients.

However, because the men found the task “hard” and too tiring, many of them resigned in December, reported The South China Morning Post.