• Beijing is planning to limit its population at 23 million in 2020.

Beijing is planning to limit its population at 23 million in 2020. (Photo : Reuters)

Beijing is planning to limit its population at 23 million in 2020.

This was proclaimed by municipal officials during the ongoing annual meetings of the political advisory body and local legislature.

On the latter part of 2015, Beijing publicized outlined ordinances to implement a residence permit system and application system based on points. Applicants will need to gather points based on factors, such as the taxpayer status, history of employment, and educational background.

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The Director of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Lu Yan says the systems were developed to effectively limit the population.

He continued by saying that the population ceiling is now set to 23 million by 2020. The application and resident permit systems will open new doors to allow those qualified to still reside in Beijing, without exceeding the limit.

Lu said these systems were developed to ensure that Beijing can furnish useful services to its residents within its capacity. Local officials expect the resident permits will take effect anytime later this year.

China has currently ended implementing the one-child policy, but Beijing seeks to keep its population limited to continue minimizing traffic congestion and pollution.

The city hopes to add no more than 300,000 new residents in 2016, and will continue to move certain markets and industries outside the city. The municipal government has declared large-scale plans to move key government offices to Lucheng and Tongzhou.

In 2015, the city government made the same statement about limiting its population, but people may have to question the efficiency and necessity to move markets. Adding to the mix of this year's relocation is Dongcheng District, which intends to limit its population by cutting more recruits in technical schools and relocating hospitals.

Beijing has a current population of over 21 million permanent residents.