• ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 1, episode 6 live stream, where to watch online: ‘Of Men and Angels’ spoilers roundup

‘Shadowhunters’ Season 1, episode 6 live stream, where to watch online: ‘Of Men and Angels’ spoilers roundup (Photo : Instagram/Katherine McNamara)

Luke needs help and he is taken to Magnus' lair. Meanwhile, tension rises between Simon and Jace. Fans can watch "Shadowhunters" Season 1, episode 6 online via live stream, check out the link below.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new episode of "Shadowhunters." Read only if you wish to know more.

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"Shadowhunters" Season 1, episode 6 spoilers roundup

In this sneak peek video, Jace takes a shot at Simon. Simon tells Jace that Alec is just a lap dog for him and he treats him like that. Jace gets angry and tells Simon that Clary is treating him the same way and that they will always remain just friends.

Simon clears that Clary is nothing but his best friend. "I don't want Clary," Simon says.

"And there tonnes of women out there who have more than a friend feelings for me," he adds. Jace tells him that he wants to meet them and Simon puts across the point the point that he doesn't need to introduce them to him. Towards the end of the sneak peek, Jace threatens Simon that he cannot utter a word about Alec.

"With Luke in dire need of help, Jace, Clary and Simon take him to Magnus' lair in hopes of saving his life. Once there, the story of how Valentine came to be evil, and Jocelyn and Luke's past is revealed to Clary in hopes of triggering her memory of what happened to The Mortal Cup.

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Alec are tasked to restore their family name in the eyes of The Clave," the synopsis of "Shadowhunters" Season 1, episode 6 reads.

Another sneak peek video shows Clary and Luke discussing on how to get the Mortal Cup.

Luke tells Clary that they have to get the cup before Valentine does but she tells him that she does not know the location of it. However, Luke assures that Clary is the answer to the Mortal Cup.

Luke tells her that Joce trusted her and she must have left clues in the Mundane world. Can Clary connect the dots that can lead them to the Mortal Cup?

Watch "Shadowhunters" Season 1, episode 6 online live, here.

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