• How many ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episodes are there before DBS ends?

How many ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episodes are there before DBS ends? (Photo : YouTube/Dyius)

The fighters of Universe 6 and Universe 7 are ready to head to the Nameless Planet for the tournament. The future of planet Earth is at stake. Fans can watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 32 with English subs online via live stream mode, check out the link below.

The ring is set up on a planet called the Nameless Planet and on "Dragon Ball Super" episode 12, the fighters will arrive and the fight shall begin.

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"The day of the martial tournament held by the Hakaishins of Universe 6 and 7 has finally arrived. Son Goku and the gang ride in the cube prepared by Whis, Beerus' attendant, stop by Beerus' planet and arrive at the Nameless Planet, where the ring is at. There, everyone gets surprised by the unbelievable size of the currently Super Dragon Balls," the summary of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 12 reads.

In the preview video of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 12, Vegeta and Goku are sweating it out in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber created especially for them to train.

The team members of Universe 6 are also showcased in the preview trailer. Botamo, Frost, Cabba and Hit can be seen in the trailer.

Credit: YouTube/Dyius

Warning: Manga spoilers ahead. Read only if want to know more.

"Dragon Ball Super" chapter 8 from the manga reveals that Monaka san will be joining the team. Whis introduces him to Goku and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" chapter 9 is out and showcases the fight between Botamo and Goku.

In the Botamo vs. Goku match, Goku seems to be having the upper hand as he punches and slams Botamo. Later, he even launches the Kamehameha on Botamo. However, Botamo manages to survive the attack.

Botamo's tactic is to wear down Goku. Piccolo points out that Goku must preserve his strength for the upcoming matches.

Later, Goku makes a smart move by toppling Botamo and he just drags him out of the ring.

Watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 32 online through live stream, here.

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