• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 33 spoilers, episode 32 ratings: Son Goku faces Botamo

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 33 spoilers, episode 32 ratings: Son Goku faces Botamo (Photo : YouTube/DBZSaiyanHD)

The first match of the inter-universe tournament to showcase Son Goku going up against Botamo on "Dragon Ball Super" episode 32. Meanwhile, the rating of episode 32 has been revealed.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" manga. Read only if you wish to know more about the episodes.

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In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33, the matches are set to begin and the first match features Botamo vs. Son Goku.

The last episode of the anime TV series, Whis reminded Beerus that he will have to decide the order of the fighters.

Beerus asked Monaka to go last as he is the strongest in the team. Meanwhile, he instructed Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo to decide among themselves with the help of rock, paper, and scissors.

"Dear spectators! Thank you for your patience! The tournament between the fighters chosen by the God of Destruction of the sixth and seventh universe will now begin!" said the announcer.

A short anthem was sung and it was just a one-line song. The episode ended with Son Goku and Botamo arriving in the ring for the battle.

Gojiitaaf shared the official ratings for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 32. The previous was given 7.3. It looks like the ratings are improving with each episode.

"The first match of the martial arts tournament is Goku vs. Botamo, from Universe 6. But, immediately after starting the match, Goku can't put his mind to it because he ate too much. He somehow pulled himself together but, no matter what attacks Goku uses, Botamo isn't fazed in the least," reads the synopsis of the new episode of "Dragon Ball Super."

Meanwhile, in the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 preview trailer, Goku reveals that the fighters chosen by Champa are quite impressive. He also says that he cannot read Botamo's movements, and his attacks are not working on him. The end of the preview shows Son Goku in golden hair SSJ form which is different from the manga. In the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, Goku doesn't change his form in order to save his energy for the future fights.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 airs Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 on Fuji TV.

Watch the preview trailer of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33.

Credit: YouTube/Dragon Ball World Information