• Boating is not very popular in China but for those who can afford to buy boats when they see them.

Boating is not very popular in China but for those who can afford to buy boats when they see them. (Photo : Reuters)

The fast-growing number of Chinese billionaires splashed their money at the Vancouver Boat Show knowing there are only a few places in the world where they could.

The 53rd year of the show, held five days each winter, attracted more than 250 exhibitors. The Chinese wealthy elite register as one of the biggest buyers.

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On Friday morning, two Chinese citizens had each purchased one of the exhibited yachts, one for 1.4 million Canadian dollars ($1.15 million) and the other for 3 million ($2.46 million), China.org reported.

Amanda Liang, sales manager of M&P Yacht Center in Vancouver, said that the Chinese buyers take pleasure to drift on waters.

She added that it is a "totally different lifestyle" in China.

The number of billionaires in China has grown rapidly, posting 350 billionaires compared to only three in the past 10 years.

"In China, boating is not very popular yet. So when they come here and see a lot of water, they want to enjoy a new lifestyle, so they buy a boat and have a lifestyle with the whole family," Liang noted.

A boating instructor that guides for the new Chinese yacht owners, Wilson Kao, said that he gives instructions for the new Chinese boaters if they did not know how to handle luxury ships at first hand. He added that he also tells them how sail the boat safely.

"If you are a new boater, then we will tell you everything about boating by hosting seminars in Chinese," he noted.

When introducing wealthy Chinese buyers to this new lifestyle of yachting, they should be provided with safe and legal training from experts, Kao pointed out.

China's wealth is expanding rapidly, but the country has, so far, very few owners of high-end pleasure craft, relative to other rich nations, Business Insider published.