• 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' are the next new games in the Pokémon franchise.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' are the next new games in the Pokémon franchise. (Photo : YouTube/HoodlumScrafty)

As indicated in the last Nintendo Direct broadcast, the likelihood of a Pokémon Z release date happening this 2016 is next to impossible. Instead, the video game maker announced the Pokémon Sun and Moon but stopped short of giving out anything concrete save for the tease that "it all comes together in 2016."

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So, it is safe to say that after the Pokémon X and Y, follow up will not necessarily take on the alphabet sequence? Gotta Be Mobile thinks so in a report, declaring that "Pokémon Z isn't coming this year ... Rumors of there being a Pokémon Z release date sometime in 2016 are false."

And as it turned out, gamers will have to watch instead for the Pokémon Sun and Moon game titles, which Nintendo said will come to the 3DS handheld around the holiday season of 2013.

But what will happen to the earlier rumored characters that in many reports said have been advertised as part of the Pokémon Z push? No confirmation from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company but the thought of the multi-form Zygarde, the fiery Volcanion, the mysterious Mangearna and the X & Y legends Xerneas and Yveltal coming to town sent the excitement levels sky high. Will all the talks amount to nothing?

Not necessarily, according to YouTuber dookieshed. In his posted video (can be seen below), dookieshed admitted that the Pokémon turning out as untrue was quite a disappointment but he quickly moved forward and offered a number of intriguing predictions built around on Nintendo's hint that "it all comes together in 2016."

One is that Zygarde will still be able to show off all the incredible rumors about him with the Pokémon Sun and Moon as platforms. And the same goes for both Volcanion and Mangearna, who likely have crucial roles to play on the Sun and Moon storyline. In other words, most of the characters speculated to excite gamers with the Pokémon Z will see the light of the day and night, quite literally, big thanks to Sun and Moon.

Another theory playing in the mind of dookieshed is the use of multiple or least two regions in Pokémon Sun and Moon. In such case, the possibility of X and Y legends coming on board later on cannot be discounted. That means Xerneas and Yveltal could still be part of the deal.

But how exactly this will play out remains shrouded in mystery. As mentioned by GBM on its report, Nintendo has withheld the meaty information on Pokémon Sun and Moon, including the 3DS game titles' purported release date.

In meantime, watch the clip below: