• Sullivan Stapleton plays FBI agent Kurt Weller in "Blindspot."

Sullivan Stapleton plays FBI agent Kurt Weller in "Blindspot." (Photo : Instagram/Sullivan Stapleton)

It has been confirmed that several "Blindspot" actors are returning in the back half of the season. Among them are Trieste Kelly Dunn, Ennis Esmer, Jordana Spiro and Jay O. Sanders.

Esmer plays Rich Dotcom while Dunn is Kurt Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) former flame Allie. On the other hand, Sanders and Spiro play Weller's father Bill Weller and sister Sarah Weller, respectively.

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"Weller's home life gets a lot more attention in this back half of the season as he tries to mend the fence with his dad," Entertainment Weekly quoted executive producer Martin Gero as saying. He added that Weller is going to deal with his father, who is dying of cancer.

"He was on his last legs at the beginning of the season and he didn't have that much to live," Gero said of Sanders' character. "Bill's not in great shape."

Before his father dies, Weller wants to mend his relationship with his father, Gero said. According to the executive producer, this will be a very powerful part of the story of the back half of the season. 

In another interview with TV Line, Gero said Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) will be reeling after discovering that she herself is responsible for her own amnesia and tattoos. He said, "She's skeptical, but it's also pretty hard and fast evidence."

"She understands that everything she knows about herself is suddenly, pardon the pun, drawn into question," Gero explained. He added that the characters played by Stapleton and Alexander were trying to start something good.

Alexander's character wonders whether or not she is dangerous to Stapleton's character. Before she dials everyone else into it, she wants to learn everything she can, Gero said.

After its winter hiatus, "Blindspot" returned with episode 11 titled "Cease Forcing Enemy." In the episode, a tattoo led the team to a shocking discovery at the Black Sea and Jane struggled with whether or not to trust Oscar (Francois Arnaud).

The next episode is titled "Scientists Hollow Fortune," which is set to air on March 7, Monday. Watch the cast and show creator talk about the NBC series here: