• China's contributions to the fight against Ebola have been lauded by the World Health Organization.

China's contributions to the fight against Ebola have been lauded by the World Health Organization. (Photo : Reuters)

Chinese women are showing to the world what they can do. According to a new report, women make up an integral part of China's aid efforts to countries inflicted with the Ebola virus, particularly the West African nations.

Chinese women are in the forefront of these aid operations, demonstrating their determination and dedication to help in fighting the severe epidemic.

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One exemplary Chinese woman who has shown her dedication to help the nations fighting the deadly disease is Zhao Min. She and her husband have been working nonstop to discuss and research about the epidemic so that they can shell out more knowledge of the disease to the public.

They have written several articles and provided various lectures on Ebola. They tried to enlist into a medical team sent by China to West Africa to directly help those suffering from Ebola but were denied because of their age. However, their dedication to research made them great consultants and information givers to the medical teams working in West Africa.

They tried enlisting again on the third Chinese medical team sent out to Sierra Leone, and this time, they were allowed to go. In just a span of five days after they touched down on the inflicted country since Jan. 14, the couple already provided several lectures. They also helped make rounds at the wards and visited treatment centers. They even attended an international meeting at the Ebola command center in Freetown. This goes to show how selfless they are.

Apart from Zhao, the Chinese medical team sent to Liberia was made up of more than 50 percent of women. Women have become a backbone to hospitals trying their best to relieve the situation. These women have undergone trainings on infection control, Ebola and medical-care skills so their time and effort are invaluable to the aid mission.

None of these women are living in the best of conditions. They have to live in crowded makeshift rooms and eat the very basic type of foods. They even have to tolerate the heat as they wear heavy protection suits. They are exposed to health risks such as infections, cholera, sunstroke, and more others. However, none of them are complaining--they are wholeheartedly trying to help these countries win the war against Ebola.