• Hayley Atwell from "Agent Carter" season 2

Hayley Atwell from "Agent Carter" season 2 (Photo : Facebook/Agent Carter)

The fate of "Agent Carter" Season 3 has yet to be determined. ABC has yet to announce if the show will be renewed or cancelled for a third season. Multiple reports, however, suggest that a renewal was a bit far fetched given season 2's low ratings.

According to Comicbook.com, "Agent Carter" has been on a steady decline since it premiered in January 2015. While there had been quite a buzz on the show when it first came out, the publication held that the viewers have lost interest since. The Marvel series drew in 6.9 million viewers but its viewership slowly dropped with season 1 and 2 finale only receiving 4.02 million and 2.35 million viewers, respectively.

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In spite of its low ratings, an insider told the publication that ABC is willing to give "Agent Carter" Season 3 another shot. While the renewal has yet to be confirmed, this is definitely good news for fans eagerly awaiting for an announcement.

"A source within the studio has revealed to us that ABC has decided to stick with the show and will be renewing Agent Carter for season three," the outlet reported.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) pointed out that in the event that "Agent Carter" will not be renewed for season 3, they all made sure that the viewers were given a satisfying ending. While there was a cliffhanger in the season 2 finale, Atwell insisted that the audience will not feel frustrated if there will not be a third season.

"If anything, they'll come away satisfied but also curious as to what happens beyond, because thanks to all the Marvel films she has appeared in, we know that Peggy's life goes on and she lives quite an extraordinary life and a long life," Atwell said.

In the even that "Agent Carter" Season 3 gets renewed, Atwell said that she is more than happy to reprise her role as Peggy Carter. While she is busy filming for "Conviction," the actress assured fans that she will not be leaving the ABC series soon. The actress shared that she is also looking forward to how the audience will react to her new character.

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