• Samsung Galaxy S8 will introduce bigger memory storage, new chip and a new type of battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will introduce bigger memory storage, new chip and a new type of battery. (Photo : YouTube/iPhone-Crash)

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge during their press conference at Mobile World Congress in Feb. 21, which was recently released in the North American and European market in March 11. Now, rumors are already plaguing the Internet about the company's next flagship model - Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Since Samsung's first smartphone was released in the market, the company received tons of complaints about battery issues; however, the South Korean tech giant hasn't pretty much done anything to solve the said issue, instead, they did focus more on strengthening their smartphone's hardware specs, even creating their own camera, processors and operating system to be integrated to their flagship models. Along with focusing on specs, the company also focused on announcing new smartphones all throughout the year, rather than paying attention and fixing their smartphone's battery problems.

Now, Samsung is said to resolve the battery issues by introducing a new kind of battery to power its next-generation devices and smartphones. According to Pocket-lint, the new type of battery, discovered by Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea, is called miniaturized solid oxide fuel cell and may be integrated to Samsung Galaxy S8.

The said fuel cell battery will replace the existing Lithium ion that Samsung is currently using to its flagship devices. Reports indicate that with the use of this Fuel Cell batteries, which is ideal for drones and electric cars, users can now be able to use their smartphones for a week. Also, it is said that this new type of batteries will not only provide better battery life performance, it will also be more durable compared to Li-ion batteries.

As of now, the arrival of fuel cell batteries for smartphones is still unknown; however, fuel batteries for industrial purposes are now on its way.

Meanwhile, other rumors surrounding Samsung Galaxy S8 includes having an edge-to-edge screen display, expected to introduce 256GB on-board memory storage and will boast extraordinary features that will benefit gaming enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S8's concept image suggests that it will boast an all metal and glass design, featuring an edge-to-edge screen display. Melty Style reported. It will also be equipped with a built-in memory capacity of 256GB, which led to the conclusion of Samsung ditching microSD card support.

According to reports, ARM is also working on a powerful chip architecture to be integrated to Samsung Galaxy S8, which may mean that gamers can soon ditch their PS4 and Xbox One to bring their gaming obsession to smartphones.

Watch Samsung Galaxy S8 concept video below: