• Snapchat set to compete Google with its augmented reality Smart Glasses.

Snapchat set to compete Google with its augmented reality Smart Glasses. (Photo : YouTube/ProBroLifestyle)

After transforming the old ways of chatting, video messaging app Snapchat is now reportedly working to give stiff competition to Google with its own augmented reality (AR) smart glasses.

According to a report from Tech Crunch, Snapchat has already hired developers from major augmented reality groups such as Microsoft's HoloLens, PTC's (initially called Qualcomm) Vuforia, and eye-tracking tech maker Eyefluence to develop Snapchat's pair of Smart Glasses. The firm developed interest when Google launched Glass.

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Later, Snapchat acquired Vergence Labs, which makes a pair of glasses equipped with an embedded camera for $15 million in March 2014. The company soon bought Scan.me, which is a QR code-scanning/creating technology that would later manifest itself with the company's Snaptags feature, for $50 million Snapchat has brought on board some bold and fascinating features since the establishment of its service.

The company tried to refurbish event marketing through its feature Stories, redefined journalism via Discover, and transformed the selfies clicking style through Lenses, according to NDTV. Snapchat featured in the news last week when it announced a partnership with the NCAA, whereby it will deliver "live stories" including behind-the-scenes footage from "March Madness" NCAA basketball tournament.

Meanwhile, the Time Warner unit, Turner Sports, one of the broadcasters for the annual collegiate tournament, announced a multi-annual contract with the social network reputable for its disappearing messages that will allow Snapchat-inclined video from a variety of live sporting events. The agreement allows Snapchatters "to contribute their unique perspectives through video and photo Snaps," compiled into a brief video that can be broadcast universally to millions of fans.

Elsewhere, there are reports that tech companies are seeking to improve the security of their products in response to the spat between Apple and the Department of Justice. As a result, Snapchat, Facebook and Google are planning to incorporate extra layers of encryption to some of their communication tools. Reportedly, Snapchat is working on encrypted messaging, even as Google seeks to expand the use of encryption.

Watch the sneak peek below for more information.