• KickassTorrents blocked by Chrome, Safari and Firefox as phishing website.

KickassTorrents blocked by Chrome, Safari and Firefox as phishing website. (Photo : YouTube/Torrents)

Torrent site have been under fire the last few years. Piratebay for instance has raided and sent to court since 2006. Likewise, Kickass Torrents have changed domain names multiple times in order to escape the prosecution under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Despite the run-ins with the law, Kickass Torrents and Pirate Bay adopted a service that makes using torrents even more convenient.

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Torrents Time, which was launched in February, allows a torrent user to download and play torrent files in one click. With Torrent Time, there is no longer a need to install a separate bitTorrent client. Following installing Torrent time, the download and the playing of the torrent all happens inside a browser.

Currently, Torrent Time is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox on Windows 7. It is also downloadable for OS X 10.8 and up. Safari support, however, is still undergoing development while no efforts have been announced regarding Torrent Time Microsoft Edge downloads.

"This is a real revolution on the way to an internet with more freedom which safely relies now on more p2p layers. The Torrents Time week-young technology will become, as a matter of days, the center core of most of the torrents world" gushed Torrent Time representative.

Unfortunately, following the successful launch of Torrent Time on Kickass Torrents and Pirate Bay, a cease-and-desist-letter was subsequently served to the plug-in service by anti-piracy group, BREIN. The group, which is based in the Netherlands, has since explained that Torrent Time is an illegal application that promotes the use of illegal torrents. Furthermore, the group claims that since Torrent Time is hosted on servers located in the Netherlands, the plug-in violates the country's law surrounding infringing files.

Torrent Time has since released a statement containing counter arguments against the cease-and-desist filed by BREIN.

"You are therefore advised to seriously re-think your cease-and-desist demand and advise my Clients that you withdraw your demands. You are also hereby warned not to attempt to take action against any third party who utilizes Torrents Time" read a part of Torrent Time's statement, as reported by Venture Beat.

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