• UAE hopes to boost its tourism economy via the promotional roadshow, Visit UAE.

UAE hopes to boost its tourism economy via the promotional roadshow, Visit UAE. (Photo : Getty Images)

Dubai and Shanghai both agreed to collaborate with regards to design knowledge exchange and bolstering inter-city relations on Monday, as reported by the Xinhua News Agency.

The agreement between the two parties occurred during the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Creative City Shanghai, as well as Dubai's annual art fair known as Art Dubai.

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A memorandum of understanding was signed between Liu Boying, vice president of UNESCO Creative City Shanghai, and Benedict Floyd, chief executive of Art Dubai.

The purpose of the MoU "is to closely collaborate with Shanghai's Creative and Design Scene and Art Dubai," said Floyd. "We are working on several fronts and this is a major one."

Accompanying Liu was a delegation of 34 Chinese designers, art promoters and artists who came to Dubai on Sunday.

"This is the first time a delegation of Shanghai artists and designers participates at the fifth edition of Design Days Dubai," said Pan Jin, the vice secratry of Shanghai's promotion office.

Design Days Dubai is part of Art Dubai, an exhibit of design products, paintings, sculptures, auctions and art tours that is being hosted in several locations across Dubai throughout the week.

Dillion Zhang, a Shanghai multimedia designer who was part of the delegation, expressed excitement about the MoU.

"This is my first visit to Dubai and I hope to meet Arab designers and artists to exchange know-how and develop business ties with them," said Zhang.

The MoU aims to have regular networking between the two parties, exchanging design knowledge that hopes to encourage local designers from Shanghai and Dubai to join exchange programs and exhibitions, as well as to attend events in the two cities.

In 2010, Shanghai joined UNESCO's Creative City Network as "City of Design" when the city held the 2010 Shanghai Expo, accommodating global visitors.

Dubai and Shanghai have also been sister cities since 2000.

"We expect 14,000 visitors, buyers, art aficionados and intellectuals this year from around the world," said Cyril Zammit, director of Design Days Dubai.