• The cast of "Person of Interest"

The cast of "Person of Interest" (Photo : Facebook/Person of Interest)

It seems like the fate of "Person of Interest" Season 6 has yet to be determined. While CBS has yet to officially confirm the show's renewal or cancellation, multiple reports suggest that the cast and crew of the series has accepted that season 5 will be its last.

On its official Twitter page, the writers of "Person of Interest" shared a group photo with the caption, #theend. While the status is as vague as it gets, many cannot help but speculate that it is talking about the fate of the show.

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Fans of the series have started sending tweets to CBS asking them to renew the show. Some, on the other hand, were hoping that Netflix and Hulu could help save the series.

Speaking to TV Line in January, "Person of Interest" season 5 executive producer J.J. Adams admitted that they were dubious of the show's renewal. In the event that CBS decided against renewing the show, Adams promised fans that they will not be disappointed with the season 5's finale.

"I think [the Season 5 finale] can function as both a season and series finale. The fans will be very satisfied. [Showrunners] Greg [Plageman] and Jonah [Nolan] have made a very compelling arc - big, big surprises this season," he explained.

Much like other "Person of Interest" fans, Michael Emerson (Harold Finch), himself, is still holding out hope that the series will be picked up by another network or perhaps a streaming site.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Emerson described season 5 as the "most dramatic and most intense" season they have ever had. Indeed, it will be a waste if this will be the end for "Person of Interest."

The actor then admitted that he is still optimistic of the show's renewal, maybe not in CBS but perhaps in either Netflix or Hulu. He pointed out that this will not be the first time that a series is picked up by another broadcaster. Emerson, however, understood that "Person of Interest" is a very expensive show to produce.

"I'm not sure who would take it; it's a very expensive show."