• Galactica is an VR rollercoaster for Samsung Gear VR which is going to be opened for public on 24 March

Galactica is an VR rollercoaster for Samsung Gear VR which is going to be opened for public on 24 March (Photo : YouTube/Wired UK)

Galactica is the world's first VR rollercoaster, developed for Samsung Gear VR headset, which is going to be opened to the general public on March 24, Thursday. The latest innovation will take virtual journeys to the next level with serious Gs for an immersive VR experience unlike any other.

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Galactica is located at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, which is soon to become a traveller's destination to enjoy virtual trips through space. The structure of the VR rollercoaster lacks essential adornments because the passengers will only lay their eyes on galactic objects Samsung Gear VR headset shows them, not the actual environment of the rollercoaster itself, Wired reported.

Each Galactica VR rollercoaster rider will wear a Samsung VR headset before entering the huge virtual portal constantly sprayed with animated clouds of vapour, a dramatic start for an adventure. Next, the futuristic tunnel illuminated with sci-fi lights travels through various chambers before arriving at a place where the floor opens up to the outer space. That is when the VR rollercoaster takes its first dive and adrenaline rush begins, as riders swing by various realistic asteroids and other "Star Trek" like spaceships.

The thrill ride through Galactica launches from a space station and travels all the way to distant planets ruled by volcanoes, lava and other amazing experiences before returning to the launch pad. However, compared to sitting in a chair wearing Google Cardboard, the VR rollercoaster ride becomes incredibly real as gravity enhances the rotating and somersaulting effect.

Galactica is guided by an "onboard artificial intelligence that dictates Samsung Gear VR's digital imagery, that is cleverly synchronised to twists, loops and turns of the VR rollercoaster so riders will feel completely immersed in the virtual journey both visually, aurally and physically as well. The track of VR rollercoaster is 840-meter long and lasts 189 seconds through a single trip.

According to the magazine, Galactica is 3.5Gs, while the fastest segment rushes the VR rollercoaster at the speeds of 75km/h. A maximum 28 passengers can be seated on the trolley, which will allow up to 1,500 people an hour.

There have been other VR rollercoasters in the past, but not like Galactica, which is completely dedicated to the cause. Among many other, the best thing about VR rollercoaster ride is that every passenger gets the best seat since there is no occlusion.

This video sheds more light on the amazing combination of Galactica and Samsung Gear VR.