• “Fated Retribution” will witness the return of cold-blooded assassin Nina Williams.

“Fated Retribution” will witness the return of cold-blooded assassin Nina Williams. (Photo : YouTube/tekkenchannel)

Good news "Tekken" fanatics as new details were revealed for the upcoming "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution." It is said that "Fated Retribution" will be featuring a returning character and a new character, plus will reveal their killer moves.

According to a listing on AM-Net, an arcade game website, it shows that Tekken's publisher Bandai Namco intends to release the "Tekken 7's" update, "Fated Retribution," on July. The reason behind the update could be due to the upcoming Evolution Championship Series, which will begin on July 15 in Las Vegas Convention Center. The Evolution championship series is well known to be the world's biggest and oldest fighting tournament.

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The update sparks excitement among the fans as it would reveal two additional characters to be included in the game. The first spice of the update is the addition of the Cold-blooded Irish Assassin Nina Williams, a character that specializes in Koppojutsu and Aikido techniques. Her character was seen on various Tekken installments including the first release 11 years ago, yet her look does not seem to get old all throughout the "Tekken" game series. The reason behind this is because Nina and her rival sister Anna Williams underwent a Cyrogenic Sleep and were subjected to years of experiment. Unlike the other installments, this update finally exposes the destructive moves of Nina.

Also, the biggest surprise was the inclusion of Akuma, the half-man, half-demon "Street Fighter" character. The first trailer reveals Akuma as a playable character in "Fated Retribution." It appears that Akuma has a new costume when he fought Dragunov as seen on the first trailer. The last trailer of "Fated Retribution" unfolds Akuma's distinct super meter, his new rage attack plus an enhanced version of his Rage mode.

The fans can expect for improved graphics and better game play with the latest version of "Tekken 7." The update also includes new moves, which would allow the gamers to experience more thrilling battles.

Since the first game was released on 1994, "Tekken" never failed to impress the arcade lovers, especially the diehard supporters of this game. With its great graphics and intriguing story lines, no wonder why it has become one of the longest running game series in the arcade world.

Watch "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" arcade trailer below:

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