• Tesla Model 3's launch on March 31 clouded opening show for iPhone SE on the same day

Tesla Model 3's launch on March 31 clouded opening show for iPhone SE on the same day (Photo : YouTube/Wired)

Tesla Model 3 is the biggest news on the horizon, so big that its launch date has nearly crushed the excitement about the second biggest unveiling, that is the refreshed Apple iPhone SE. As both products launched simultaneously, the smartphone's popularity gave away in front the of next generation electric car's fame.

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The all-new Tesla Model 3 came out supreme like a winning box-office opening, which faded away the hottest buzz about Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE. The two huge electric products launched on the same date in the United States and elsewhere, as enthusiasts were lined up to get the latest smartphone, but the queue appeared seemingly less fetish compared to the electric car's early adopters, MacRumors reported.

People wanting to reserve the latest Model 3 at first hand gathered yesterday at Tesla stores and galleries. Some of the showrooms were close-by Apple outlets, which gave onlookers a striking difference between the numbers queued up for the both products, and the car fans certainly overshadowed those lined-up to buy iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone SE saw early morning lines at Sydney, Australia to Miami, Florida and other major places. The phone launched on March 31 in the United States and 11 other countries, but taking only Bellevue, Washington in the consideration, the lines around 10:30 a.m. local time showed that Tesla Model 3 was a bigger attraction to the inquisitors.

The situation was same in Düsseldorf, Germany where two adjacent outlets of both tech giants depicted increased demand for car reservation compared to phone shoppers. The new iPhone had mix response from Asia. However, China envisaged 3.4 million plus pre-orders while rising smartphone arenas like India and Pakistan, where affordability really matters, are yet to shred any numbers.

The site further informed that a spot check of iPhone SE stock in selected American markets showed that 90 percent of stores had the device in stock. Similar analysis for Space Gray iPhone SE 16GB revealed that in major markets like New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Minneapolis, 90 percent of stores checked had the device in stock. In comparison, the Tesla Model S successor roughly has 133,000 preorders, LA Times reported.

Apple iPhone SE is expected to deliver pre-orders by April 6 to April 21 in the U.S. On the other hand, Tesla Model 3, reportedly retailed at $35,000, is expected to get an EPA-rating of "at least" 215 miles and won't be delivered until late 2017. The following video highlights some of the car's features.