• Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Photo : ecomento.com)

Tesla's most awaited Model X has been caught on video, while being tested to superbly high speeds at the Alameda Airport.

On Jan. 28, Wednesday, a YouTube user who was at the skate park saw the Tesla's newest model on the runway took a video of it with his iPhone 5, Electrek reported.

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An Instagram user named "brandon_keihne" is also is at the same spot and was able to share the new Model X with the world through posting its photo on his Instagram account.

"I saw Model X being pulled in a trailer at the #AlamedaNAS, the entrance towards the closed airfield," the caption reads.

"The truck pulling it was a Tesla vehicle. After it was closed up I asked if I could be nosey hoping to find out what the car was, but I got a quick 'not on this one'," the caption continued.

Tesla was able to show a pre-production Model X version during the CES 2015. Model X has a "falcon-style" exterior sports doors, which hinge on its passengers' roof, smoothly climbing in and out from the back. Its interior, on the other hand, has seats in rows of three and a huge infotainment display.

This sport utility vehicle, which features a seven-seat crossover, is set for delivery before 2015 ends, after delaying its initial date of release several times.

"It is just so hard to manufacture an SUV that's beautiful, yet incredibly functional," Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg as a response to all of the "delay" controversies.

Watch the video here: