• The program is set to have a new twist on Jan. 31, Saturday, with the appearance of Cat Woman.

The program is set to have a new twist on Jan. 31, Saturday, with the appearance of Cat Woman. (Photo : Reuters)

The popular TV dating program "If You Are The One" will have a new character in the show's next episode which will air on Jan. 31, Saturday. The show came up with a new concept wherein an X-girl will be introduced. The X-girl will be hidden behind a costume so as not to reveal her real appearance. For the concept's debut this Saturday, the X-girl will be made up as a cat.

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The people behind the show said that the concept was first introduced by the first X-girl herself who will join the show on Saturday. The X-girl is, by profession, a special effects makeup artist.

When asked about her motive behind hiding her true appearance, she said that she wanted to showcase her work and to find the right guy who would like her not because of her appearance but rather because of her personality.

Special arrangements were made on the program to keep the identity of the X-girl a mystery. She was asked to come to the studio ahead of the others and was provided with her own dressing room.

Aside from the cat woman costume, the X-girl will have spare costumes, mimicking other famous Hollywood personalities.

China Youth Daily recently conducted a survey and the results show that many people want good-looking partners. Respondents admitted that appearance is what they are after in a partner, at least in the beginning.

Cat woman may be right about her idea. And she is now being considered to become a regular in the show.

The show has been getting good ratings in China and is now considered to be the most popular program for Jiangssu TV. Normally after airing, the episodes become viral on the Internet and viewed not only in China but across the world.