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LuHan (Photo : Weibo)

  • Queue of LuHan Fans

Queue of LuHan Fans

There is a 300-meter-long line of Chinese girls waiting have their turn to have their photos taken by a postbox in Shanghai. The metal box that used to receive letters and other mailed matter suddenly became a landmark because of LuHan.

The singer and actor, who became famous because of his being a member of EXO, a South Korean boy band, in 2012 posted on Friday on Weibo his photo touching the box on the Bunds. LuHan captioned the picture “It’s Friday today, I was here, see you tomorrow,” quoted China Daily.

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However, some Chinese netizens criticized the fan girl attitude of the young women who caused a traffic jam at midnight just to touch the postbox and have their photos taken. But one Weibo user defended the girls as not causing trouble to anyone and their opting to line up – a mark of discipline – is none of other people’s business, wrote Youyouzi.

Rachel-YYL agreed and added, “The so-called righteous passengers don’t have to point fingers.”

That LuHan is popular is an understatement because he just broke another Guinness World Record for the third time last weekend. It was his third Guinness world title after 1,731 fans placed on antler headbands and set the record as the largest gathering of people wearing antlers. The event was the 2016 LuHan Reloaded China Tour in Beijing.

Dong Chen from Guinness adjudicated the mass participatio n try and presented the Chinese actor with an official certificate confirming his setting a record. He chose antler as the symbol because his surname Lu means deer in Chinese.

On Sept. 10, 2012, LuHan posted a comment to celebrate the victory of the English Premier League side Manchester United, his favorite football team. His post got more than 13 million comments and was recognized by Guinness as breaking the record for the Most comments on Weibo. He broke it again as of Sept. 2, 2015 when the same post’s comments reached more than 87 million.