• Mercedes AMG GT 14

Mercedes AMG GT 14 (Photo : www.usatoday.com)

Several automobile campaign ads were released on the Super Bowl game on Feb. 1, Sunday, and the luxury car makers got the most Ad meter.  

With so many commercials launched at the Super Bowl game, the automobile campaign ads got most of the attention.  Some of the ads were found humorous while others are uncanny.  Out of the 11 brand names of car manufacturers, nine of which are winners to the consuming public, USA Today reported.

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Kelly Blue Brook and Edmunds.com studied the after effects on each car makers' sales after each ad campaign are launched at a Super Bowl game. Edmunds.com compared the web traffic on each car brands' websites to that of the earlier Sundays before the big game while Kelly Blue Brook compared exactly after the game finishes.

The end result to this research by Edmunds.com went to Mercedes Benz for its AMG GT supercar, then it's BMW for its i3 City Electric car, and third place is Lexus for its RC 350 sports car. Kelly Blue Brook, however, got Lexus on first, then BMS, and last is the Mercedes Benz.

Edmunds.com call this type of ad campaign on ball games is the consideration lift, where people or website readers find themselves searching for a particular product, especially cars, that were recently featured in a big ball game like the Super Bowl.  

Ads storylines vary from each other, one of the ads were fable-like or fantasy themed which got most of the viewers' attention. This ad jumped 2189 percent in consideration data. There is a technical based type of ad which enlightens the viewer of the type of car engine, the speed, the horse power and more. A 583 percent consideration was given to this, according to Fortune.