• The proliferation of ads is to blame for the increased abortion rate among youngsters in China.

The proliferation of ads is to blame for the increased abortion rate among youngsters in China. (Photo : www.ethicalissues2day.blogspot.com)

China’s increasing abortion rate raised apprehension among citizens, enough to question whether there is enough education about human reproduction to its youth or that there are too many painless abortion adverts in the country.

Freelance writer and "The Beijing Hour" co-producer Zhang Shuangfeng noted this alarming situation in China's youth who seemed to be more knowledgeable about abortion than ultimately using birth control methods.

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A survey by China's National Health and Family Planning Commission revealed that around 13 million abortion procedures are carried out in the country, 62 percent of which are performed on women aged 20 to 29 years old.

According to Zhang, this data shows that most of the Chinese women who undergo abortion are those who are still in college or have just graduated, which reflects the "failure" of sex education in the country.

He also noted how parents, who are considered all over the world as the young generation's first teachers, become withdrawn when it comes to talking about sex to their children.

"Sex education tests the joint efforts and collective intelligence of parents, schools and society," he explained, and noted how the Chinese youth barely get enough information on the matter from all three since even the parents do not have the knowledge to pass on to their children.

Meanwhile, since the country became open to more radical changes in society, it has already been plagued with so many "vulgar advertisement about abortions."

With too many of this and not enough education about the root cause of the population problem, China's youth would really tend to lean on "painless abortions" instead of avoiding getting pregnant unexpectedly in the first place, Zhang pointed out.

"Abortion should be the last resort while contraception is on the frontline of preventing unwanted pregnancies. The lack of sex-related knowledge and ignorance of the damage unsafe sex may cause is to blame," he added.