• The Land of the Rising Sun is on the brink of a population crisis.

The Land of the Rising Sun is on the brink of a population crisis. (Photo : Reuters)

A Jewish cafe would be rebuilt in Hongkou District. The cafe is an iconic World War II infrastructure as it is where most Jewish refugees during the war period fled to and take refuge.

The Hongkou District government plans to rebuild the Wiener Cafe Restaurant, among other historic buildings that were iconic for their purposes during the Second World War.

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Many Jews have fled from the Nazis hounding them to Shanghai and majority of them resided in the Tilanqiao area of Hongkou District. Most of these structures served as the places they hang out or resided in when they were refugees. Once reconstructed, Shanghai plans to have them inscribed as UNESCO sites.

The move is timely as the country celebrated the 70th anniversary of their victory against Japanese aggression and the end of the World Anti-Fascist war.

The owner of the cafe, which was first established in 1939, said that the structure would not be built on the same area. Instead, it would be located on Chanyang Road, just opposite the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. However, the structure's design would be patterned to the original one.

The cafe was sold by the owner after the war to a local. It was demolished only in 2009 so that a subway can be built on the area. However, it would not be difficult to rebuilt it since the building's blueprints were kept.

Once it reopens, the first floor would still be a café, but the upper floors would be used for exhibitions. Rebuilding would start soon and the public can expect it to open by August.