• Cloud Strife and friends arrive at the scene to battle enemies.

Cloud Strife and friends arrive at the scene to battle enemies. (Photo : YouTube/Square Enix NA)

"Final Fantasy III, IV, VII, and VIII" will soon be launched on PC with physical copies in box sets. These classic Square Enix games will be optimized for the PC with Windows OS.

The four games will be paired up in two, and will have two box sets as Double Pack Edition bundles for fans to purchase. The first two games will be paired up, and the last ones will be paired together too, each with their own physical boxes, and designs. Both box set bundles will be launched on May 27, and they have a price of £19.99 each.

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All games will be optimized for the PC with Windows OS, and the games will be in DVD format. According to the listing on Amazon UK's official website, the box set bundles will contain the discs and manuals, but the discs will not contain the full game. Purchasers are advised to have an internet connection for full data download.

The two later titles of "Final Fantasy" have already gotten their own physical editions in the past on PC, but this new box set will be the enhanced versions, according to Videogamer.  The current versions of the two games were released on Steam a few years ago.

According to the listing on Amazon UK, the 3D visuals, and the story sequences of "Final Fantasy III" will have new improvements. The features from Steam have been integrated into the game like Steam Trading Cards, Steam Achievements, and many more. The video game is about four champions being chosen by the crystals, who will go on a journey to save their world from destruction.

"Final Fantasy IV" was the first game in the franchise that had the Active Time Battle feature, and has become one of the most iconic games. The video game revolves on the story of Cecil, and his quest for redemption.

In other news, "Final Fantasy XV" will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30. All 30,000 Ultimate Collector's Edition copies of the game have been sold out, but the game company promised to make 10,000 more copies for worldwide release.

Check out the "Final Fantasy VII" PC video below: