• 'Tom Clancy's The Division' is one of the most played third-person shooter game.

'Tom Clancy's The Division' is one of the most played third-person shooter game. (Photo : YouTube/NVIDIA)

"Tom Clancy's The Division" can be an intimidating place, especially when it comes to surviving the multiplayer Dark Zone. However, expert tips and tricks can help you shine through the third-person shooter game without losing your assets,

Surviving and surviving in the game's Dark Zone is not an easy feat and fans had been constantly demanding some walkthroughs to help them get through. In a new YouTube Video, NVIDIA revealed some of the clever tips and tricks to conquer the multiplayer challenge of "Tom Clancy's The Division."

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Using cheats is both dishonest and risky, and according to The Country Caller, the developers are permanently banning the cheat users, that Here are 6 tips and tricks to win through multiplayer Dark Zone of "Tom Clancy's The Division."

Tip#1 Play in groups

Players can turn around the odds of the game if they play together. Sweeping the midtown danger zone block by block without a partner to watch your back can bear unpleasant surprises. The lone players struggle more and groups have lesser enemies to take care of. So it is always best if you play together in a well-coordinated manner.

Tip#2: Go fully loaded

Make sure you have the right gear equipped to give you a head start. A close range weapon is highly recommended before entering the game because tight street corners often bring close combat situation and short-range weapons can make all the difference.

Tip#3: Get rogue benefits

You get rogue agent status as you get more blood on your hands, which is an efficient way to advance through the multiplayer Dark Zone arena with loot and cash strategy. To get rogue status, you have to hunt out for another lone wolf, and once you have him, make the first strike with a grenade to drain the victim's health and slow it down. Next, chase him with continual assaults until he is defeated.

Tip#4: Map out the area

"Tom Clancy's The Division's" Dark Zone is a puzzling battlefield, so it is much better if you get to know the place first. Before going head-to-head against an enemy, scout the area and find scaffoldings, alleyways or other places where you can ambush and sneak out of the aggressive fire range.

Tip#5: Don't leave empty handed

Before calling the chopper, make sure that you have sufficiently increased your resources, which includes your weapons, skill level, and other supplies. Additionally, find a good spot as you plan extraction so you are not intervened.

Tip#6 Don't attract bounty hunters

"The Division" is full of ambitious players and you don't want to keep too much Dark Zone credit on yourself to become a magnet for rogue agents. Earn through various exploits within the quarantine that can only be spent via Dark Zone vendors. In short, keep upgrading your weapons regularly so you to avoid the risk of losing too much to the other players.

These clever tips and tricks are sure to help you get your kills in the multiplayer Dark Zone of "Tom Clancy's The Division." The following video explains these tips in detail.

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