• Callie and Maire, the Squid Sisters, "Splatoon" amiibo figures announced and displayed by Nintendo.

Callie and Maire, the Squid Sisters, "Splatoon" amiibo figures announced and displayed by Nintendo. (Photo : YouTube/Nintendo)

Nintendo has just announced that there will be new "Splatoon" Amiibo figures to be released in July. Previous "Splatoon" Amiibo figures with different colors will also be released in retailer stores on the same day.

The new amiibo figures that will be joining the line-up will be Callie and Marie, who are in-game pop sensations, and the game's Squid Sisters characters. They will be fully detailed and even the accents in their squid uniforms will sparkle. The gaming company intends to continue the trend of making the new figures better than its predecessor, and it is apparent in these new ones.

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Nintendo of America tweeted that the game's new amiibo figures will be coming in July 8. It also contained the video announcement for the figures from the game company, which can be viewed down below.

According to IGN, there will be new color versions of the Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid, which are all characters from the popular game on Wii U. They will be available on the same day as the Squid Sisters will be released, but only for a limited time.

At a price of $25, the two Squid Sisters amiibo figures will be sold together in a bundle. Amiibo and game fans can also choose to purchase the figures individually for a price of $13 each.

However, the figures will not unlock any new levels for the Wii U shooter game, nor will the figures make the characters playable in the game. The amiibo figures will only unlock several songs and dance numbers that the two game characters will be performing in the game. Their in-game performances will be in-line with their personalities as pop-divas.

According to Nintendo Japan's official website, the game company has shipped 24.7 million amiibo figures all around the world, and the amiibo cards in the past year that was shipped amounted to 28.9 million. The amiibo shipments that the game company sent out around the world have a total number of 53.6 million.

Check out the Squid Sisters announcement video below: