• Chinese travelers fighting their way to enter the train during Spring Festival travel peak.

Chinese travelers fighting their way to enter the train during Spring Festival travel peak. (Photo : Reuters)

Railway stations and airports in China have tightened their security in preparation for the exodus of travelers during the Spring Festival holiday.

To accommodate the millions of passengers expected to travel this season, the Beijing West Railway Station has requested the help of 400 armed policemen to ensure the passengers' security.

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The railway station has also sought the assistance of 200 railway police and 650 volunteers who would help keep the order in the train station that is expected to burst with the number of people coming in and out.

Beijing West Railway Station is looking at making 5.5 million trips during the 40-day holiday to accommodate the number of passengers trekking to places all over the country.

Station representative Song Jianguo said: "Every one of our administrative and logistics staff, instead of staying in offices, will go to the station squares and waiting halls for passenger guidance and security checks."

The company is sparing no expense to ensure that their service is at its best during this time and that passengers' safety is not compromised.

Meanwhile, the Beijing Capital International Airport would put up additional security checks for all people entering the airport, passengers or not. The additional measure is to ensure the safety of the place during the travel rush.

The airport's administrators are also looking at adding extra check-in counters to accommodate the high volume of passengers going on vacation during this time.

Police would have an increased presence in the area, while additional volunteers and porters would be scattered inside the airport to assist passengers.

China's Spring Festival is the nation's biggest holiday. The two weeks before the Chinese New Year takes place is thought to be the holiday travel rush where millions of Chinese travel by rail, air, water or land. The Chinese New Year will fall on Feb. 19, 2015.