• China's First Ultra Realistic Robot Revealed In Hefei

China's First Ultra Realistic Robot Revealed In Hefei (Photo : Getty Images)

For the first time in China’s education history, an interactive robot that looks like a real woman would take the college entrance examination in 2017. Jiajia, made by the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui Province, must get a passing score to qualify for admission to first-class universities in China.

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Jiajia must take the exams for math, Chinese and comprehensive test of liberal arts. The comprehensive test covers history, politics and geography, and must finish all three exams within the designated time, reported Huaxi Metropolis Daily.

However, the robot would not take the exam with 30 other 12th grade students in the same room. Instead, Jiajia would take the exam in a closed room with proctors and a notary. Lin Hui, CEO of an artificial intelligence company in Chengdu that made Jiajia, said that the robot would be connected to a printer before every test.

The electronic examination paper would be placed into Jiajia’s program, but the robot would totally be disconnected from the internet and solve the math problems using its artificial intelligence. Jiajia’s answers will come out on the printer.

The robot is expected to find no difficulty in answering the math test since questions are objective with specific answers. But Jiajia would likely be challenged by the liberal arts comprehensive test which have subjective questions.

Jiajia aims to qualify for admission to Peking University and Tsinghua University in 2020. The robot’s Japanese counterpart targets to pass the college entrance exam in Japan to be accepted at Tokyo University in the same academic year. Jiajia is bilingual since she could speak English and Mandarin, according to NatureWorldNews.