• Tron Ride

Tron Ride (Photo : YouTube)

While thousands of visitors arrived in Shanghai on Saturday despite the bad weather, most of them got to see only the gate of Disneyland Shanghai. The $5.5-billion resort would not open until June 16.

However, the South China Morning Post reported that about 10,000 people were allowed inside the resort on the same day to experience the rides and view the exhibits. These lucky ones are the employees of the resort, their family members and partners.

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But even if they number only about 10,000, long lines were still observed, indicating that when the resort opens its doors formally to the public in mid-June, queuing would be something that the 25 to 30 million visitors expected to experience the park in the next 12 months should be prepared for. Operators of the park have six weeks of pilot run to test its systems and facilities.

But despite the long lines, those who had the chance to try the rides ahead of the general public were happy, saying the queues were worth it. Some visitors suggested for the operator to look into crowd control which they anticipated would be a headache as the multitudes surge in when the resorts opens its gates on June 16.

With 15 million expected visitors until December 2016, it would mean that every day about 600,000 guests would arrive daily in the resort.

Entertainment Weekly reported that among the rides that the privileged guests tried was the TRON: Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster where visitor lay on the stomachs as the ride tilted slightly forward during the ride’s duration at speeds of more than 60 miles per hour through a series of twists and turns through the Grid.