• "Homeland" Season 6 is set to return on September.

"Homeland" Season 6 is set to return on September. (Photo : Twitter/SHO_Homeland)

"Homeland" Season 6 is set to return on September, and may feature explosive revelations and storylines such as Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and Peter Quinn's survival.

It was December 2015 when fans saw the finale episode of the fifth season of "Homeland," and because Showtime has confirmed a sixth installment, fans are now focusing on what they will expect from "Homeland" Season 6.

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It is said that the setting of "Homeland" Season 6 will be in New York, which was said to be revealed by Showtime CEO David Nevins. If this would be the case, then this will be the first time that "Homeland" would take place on the soil of Uncle Sam, given the fact that the previous seasons' settings were in Germany, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Nevins reportedly said that "Homeland" Season 6 will be filmed in New York City, and added that although the sixth installment will be set domestically in New York, he emphasized that the whole "Homeland" Season 6 will not be exclusively shot in that area.

Moreover, during his interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, Nevins teased the fans that "Homeland" Season 6 may use storylines relating to the current United States' presidential elections relating to Trump. Since the CEO said that the producers are not shy of using real people in "Homeland," it is possible that "Homeland" Season 6 may include some events concerning Trump and his presidential bid.

On one hand, viewers witnessed Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) to be in a life or death situation in "Homeland" Season 5, yet rumors are leading to details that the character may have survived his life-threatening situation. The rumor sparked when the programming chief of Showtime, Gary Levine, hinted that if Quinn do survive, the character will not be the same again, cites TV Line. However, there is still no official information that would confirm Quinn's fate in the series.

Meanwhile, according to recent rumors, the "Homeland" Season 6 is said to air in a couple of months, specifically in September. The release date rumor was based on the previous seasons' premiere dates, which were between in the month of September and October.

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