• Google Gboard

Google Gboard (Photo : Facebook )

Google's new iOS keyboard combines the features of different texting apps into one platform. Gboard includes a search engine for finding information, emojis, and GIFs. It even includes a Glide Typing feature for one-handed texting like the "Glide" feature on Android devices. Gboard is now at the App Store and is available in English in the United States.  

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This new app is easy to set up. iOS users must first download the free Gboard app then follow a few steps to install the new keyboard and allow access, according to Daily Mail

The Alphabet company shares that Gboard gives users the ability to search and send many types of information from the keyboard. They include news articles, restaurant addresses, and flight times.

Gboard looks like a basic iOS keyboard except for the different font and lighter colors.

App users can see a tiny Google "G" in the top left of the touchscreen. If they press the button a search bar will open up in the keyboard.

The new keyboard also includes a built-in GIF search. It can be opened by clicking the smiley face found at the bottom left. This makes it easy to find and paste the right GIF almost instantly.  

The emoji catalog is still located there, but the GIF option is located next to it.

All of these features work in one keyboard so they are not just limited to text. They can also be used in any email and social media app.

Google reports that the keyboard was designed to keep data private. iPhone search queries are sent to Google servers, and the platform sends anonymous statistics when the mobile app crashes to figure out the problem.

However, the tech giant promises that no other information will be sent to Google. All other data will stay in the Apple device.

In related news, the stock Google Keyboard app recently got a major update, according to Computerworld. It received many new features and upgrades including one-handed typing, direct access to characters and symbols, and new controls to customize the keyboard's appearance and height.

It is also easier to use swipe-based typing on the Android app. In addition, some new gestures were added to Google Keyboard.