• The LeSEE electric car as unveiled by LeEco CEO Jin Yueting during the Beijing Auto Show.

The LeSEE electric car as unveiled by LeEco CEO Jin Yueting during the Beijing Auto Show. (Photo : Twitter)

Chinese Internet and online content provider company LeEco is planning to enter the electric car market and take on industry leader Tesla Motors with its new LeSEE car.

The concept car, which was unveiled during this year's Beijing Auto Show, is a four-door sedan that features a fully autonomous driving technology, unlike Tesla's Model S, which only has semi-autonomous capabilities. Sensors housed in a roof-mounted pod allows the car to detect obstacles and avoid them.

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During autonomous driving, the steering wheel folds into the dashboard for a more compact look. The car can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone.

LeEco says that the eventual production car developed from the concept vehicle is expected to have a top speed of 211 kilometers per hour. It is also said to be cheaper than the Model S, which sells for around 730,000 yuan (about $112,000) in China, Forbes reported.

However, the company did not give further details on the powertrain, batteries and platform, only saying that the production model has already entered testing.

Despite the lack of specifics, analysts believe that the LeSEE will share design elements with the electric car being developed by U.S.-based Faraday Future. The two companies are in a partnership for the development of their respective vehicles, with LeEco serving as Faraday's biggest backer, Wards Auto reported.

According to Ding Lei, LeEco's head for its LeAuto division that worked on the LeSEE, they are closely together with Faraday in the engineering and marketing of the cars, as well as providing Internet connectivity for both. However, despite sharing components, both cars are expected to be markedly different, as Faraday intends to target the U.S. luxury car market.

The two companies have yet to give release dates for their respective vehicles.