• Milk Tea Gang

Milk Tea Gang (Photo : Weibo)

A new type of narcotics is circulating in China, called milk tea drugs. It is made up of ketamine drug powder disguised as tea and milk.

Besides the misleading packaging to look like legitimate drinks, it is not easy to identify milk tea drugs as narcotics because when it is mixed with water, it smells and appears like a normal fragrant milk tea. The images posted show some of the drugs used Nescafe wrappers.

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However, when ingested, it could cause the drinker to experience hallucinations, according to the public safety office of Guangzhou on its Weibo page. What’s on Weibo reported that the Yangjiang Police in Guangdong Province arrested on Friday 11 people who belong to the milk tea drugs gang.

The seven men and four women were arrested in a local hotel room, but since only 10 tested positive for drug used, only 10 were detained. Authorities described the scene inside the hotel room as chaotic with the gang members seated on the floor and couch and did not notice the entry of the arresting team.

Milk tea drugs have MDDMA and methamphetamine. Users described its effects as similar to ingesting Ecstasy pills. However, besides being highly addictive, milk tea drugs damage physical and mental health.

The first media report about the milk tea drugs was in April 2014 when anti-narcotics police in Nanning, Guangxi Province confiscated more than 2,000 grams of the drug from a vehicle at a highway tollbooth.