• ‘Star Wars’ fame John Boyega to play ‘Pacific Rim 2's’ lead actor.

‘Star Wars’ fame John Boyega to play ‘Pacific Rim 2's’ lead actor. (Photo : YouTube/Pacific Rim)

The production of "Pacific Rim 2" is now in full-swing, and they have enlisted "Jurassic World" co-writer Derek Connolly for the project.

The exact details of Connolly's participation in the film were not yet revealed. Drafts for "Pacific Rim 2" were already written by Guillermo del Toro, Zak Penn ("X-Men: The Last Stand") and Jon Spaihts ("Prometheus"). According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is uncertain if Connolly will do a complete rewrite of the screenplay or develop certain aspects of the story.

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Connolly is credited for working on monster movie blockbusters including "Jurassic World" and the upcoming films "Jurassic World 2" and "Kong: Skull Island."

So far, the production crew remains tight-lipped about the plot details of "Pacific Rim 2." Del Toro, however, previously revealed that the sequel will take place a couple of years after the events of the original movie. This futuristic setting shows a world where the monster-fighting robots, known as Jaegers, have become well-accepted by society. The sophomore outing will also explore the origins of the Kaiju.

Charlie Hunnam will reprise his role as Raleigh Becket, the lead Jaeger pilot in the movie. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Hunnam said he hopes "Pacific Rim 2" will bring more of a balance when it comes to storytelling.

"Not to say I wasn't proud of the film. I really liked it, and I felt like it delivered exactly what it was supposed to," Hunnam said. "But I do feel like we could have maybe plumbed the depths of the character and the storytelling a little bit more."

Joining Hunnam in "Pacific Rim 2" are Ron Perlman, Charlie Day and Burn Gorman.

Meanwhile, del Toro is still attached to "Pacific Rim 2" as executive producer, but he has given the director's chair to "Daredevil" Season 1 showrunner Steven DeKnight.

The original "Pacific Rim" film, which came out in 2013, received surprisingly positive reviews. The film took home $407 million worldwide, indicating a huge profit, considering that the film was produced with only $190 million in budget. It went on to become the highest grossing live-action original movie of 2013.

No release date yet has been set for "Pacific Rim 2."

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