• More Chinese students are opting to get their diplomas from schools abroad.

More Chinese students are opting to get their diplomas from schools abroad. (Photo : Reuters)

China is worried that returning individuals who earned their higher degrees abroad and applying in the academe would not have the propensity to teach Marxist principles correctly.

An article recently published on the Global Times raised the question as to whether intellectuals who have studied in Western academic institutions would still be loyal to the Marxist theory and core socialist values adhered to in the Chinese universities.

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However, analysts claimed that this is not a legitimate concern, saying that these talented intellectuals educated abroad are even more likely to teach and imbibe these Marxist principles much better.

According to them, generations of intellectuals returning form overseas study already proved that they could stay loyal to the socialist values of China. Most of them have also heightened commitment to the cause of Chinese socialist construction. They are also those who are determined to ensure China would become a developed country in no time.

Most of the returning graduates have dedicated their lives and vocation to propelling the country's development. This does not mean, however, that their education abroad would not affect their ideas and ideologies, even their performance as educators. However, the effects of their overseas education might be more positive than negative as feared.

Analysts claimed that because these intellectuals have wider and broader visions and experiences, they are also more likely to be appreciative of China's rapid progress and high efficiency. Yet, they are also more likely to view the country's problems and provide solutions to these in a more pragmatic way.

Analysts said that most of these returnees could become staunch patriots of the country. Eventually, the country would benefit from their efforts, education and experiences.