• A "Dungeon's" character eats an apple bit by bit to regain health.

A "Dungeon's" character eats an apple bit by bit to regain health. (Photo : YouTube/Unreal Engine)

The Android-powered virtual reality platform of Google can support Unreal games. A joint effort between three companies created the plugin to support the games created with the Unreal Engine 4.

During the internet company's yearly I/O event recently, they have gained the help from Epic Games to help them with their virtual reality platform called Daydream, according to Engadget. With the help of this big third-party game studio, the VR system of the internet company will gain the support of the Unreal Engine 4. This will enable game developers to import games developed in the Unreal Engine 4 and create more with just a little extra work required.

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Epic Games, Google, and Hardsuit Labs created the plugin that enabled the game engine to work on the VR system, said Epic's VR, and augmented reality technical director Nick Whiting in a statement. He added that they have also shown the progress of their work by creating an app that is currently known as "Dungeon." The app mostly uses Daydream's feature of its motion-sensing controller.

Whiting also said that they did a tech demo just like what they did with "Showdown" and "Bullet Train" to show how much they could utilize the motion controller of the VR system. The game that they used for the demo is a fantasy role-playing game where players can cast fireballs at enemies like spiders with a wand. They can also drink different potions and eat fruits like apples to regain strength.

According to the official blog of Epic Games, it is their mission to give developers only the best tools for making the best games to make it more immersive and visually impressive. The projects they work on will make the Unreal Engine better when it comes to its capabilities and the results can be passed to the developers to improve on their own work.

Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri said in a statement that the internet company's VR system gives players the best experience with rich interactive content for the mobile VR, and that is only the beginning. They are happy that they could be a part of the new chapter in the history of VR, he added.

Check out the game demo video below: