• Chevy Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV (Photo : Reuters)

The GM Chevy Bolt EV was first unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 12. An all new Chevy Bolt electric car was in planning to be released by General Motors on October next year.  The new car to be built will cost around $30,000 a piece, and manufacturing will take place north of Detroit, Reuters reported.

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GM's target production count will not be as immense as the crowd at the Detroit auto show would have expected. The car makers target goal will be around 25,000 to 30,000 cars each year.  The previous year, GM was able to sell 18,800 Chevy Volt hybrid electric cars. Each of these cars cost around $35,000 and uses a small gasoline engine to increase range.

GM has become a symbol when it comes to electric cars, with the release of the latest Chevy Bolt prototype last year, it will continue through being the same. The Chevy Bolt has a unique feature that may be a competition with Tesla Model 3. Both cars are also out in the market at the same time, according to SMN Weekly.

GM's Chevrolet Bolt should not be confused with the Volt by Chevrolet, the company's plug-in electric car with a gasoline engine as its back-up when the electric motor gets low on juice. The Volt can run a distance of about 50 miles on its electric powered engine which is a little less than that of Bolt.

The new Chevy Bolt will be available in the market for sale by 2017.