• What happens when Sam and Dean battle Men of Letters and reunite with their mother in ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 episode 1?

What happens when Sam and Dean battle Men of Letters and reunite with their mother in ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 episode 1? (Photo : Facebook/Supernatural/The CW)

"Supernatural" Season 11 ended with an explosive finale on May 25, Wednesday. Now, fans are curious to know what happens when Season 12 premieres and where things go from here. Speculations about the plot are already running rampant. Here are a few spoilers for the next instalment. Read on to find out what happens next. Also, find out possible airdate for Season 11 episode 1.

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[Spoiler alert! This article contains possible spoilers for "Supernatural" Season 12 premiere. Do not read further if you don't wish to know about it more.]

Season 12 finale ended with major twists and cliffhangers. The show introduced Elizabeth Blackmore's character Antonio Bevell of the London chapter of the Men of Letters, who is here looking for Sam to punish him for all the damage he caused. Sam manages to avoid her by telling Dean is dead. Is she the new villain? How will the brothers decide to deal with the new trouble?

Meanwhile, Amara and Chuck reconcile. But before the siblings leave the Earth, Amara decides to give Sam back what's most precious to him. Before she departs, she resurrects Mary Winchester and reunites the mother and the son.

While it is too early to expect synopsis for "Supernatural" Season 12 premiere, it is certain that the show opener is expected to feature a Winchester family reunion of sorts. In the meantime, the show will explore the storyline involving Antonia Bevell and London chapter of the Men of Letters. Sam and Dean may have to prove their intentions in order to avoid punishment. In addition, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will reprise the role to play the hunters, solve new mysteries and tackle monsters.

In additional news, the show will be getting a new showrunner. Previously, Deadline reported that Jeremy Carver, who has worked on "Supernatural" as a producer since 2008, will reportedly be resigning from the post. And he will be replaced by executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb. With new showrunners on board, media outlets are speculating that change is inevitable. It is said that "Supernatural" Season 12 might be different from its previous seasons.

Also, there is a change in the timeslot. According to Cartermatt, "Supernatural" Season 12 will air Thursday night at 9:00 pm after "Legends of Tomorrow."

So when will the show premiere? Considering the previous seasons' schedule, "Supernatural" Season 12 episode 1 is expected to go on air in the first week of October 2016, i.e. Oct. 6. Fans must note that The CW is yet to announce the official premiere date. So, stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.