• UW's Flexible Circuit

UW's Flexible Circuit (Photo : Facebook )

The fastest flexible wearable circuits in the world have been invented by American scientists. Their invention could be a game-changer for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and result in a more connected and faster wireless world that uses 5G broadband technology.   

The platform was developed by University of Wisconsin (UW) at Madison engineers. Their study was published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.  

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This new tech has many applications including the biomedical industry as new devices are developed for next-generation wireless broadband.

The stretchy integrated circuits are powerful due to their one-of-a-kind structure. University researchers shared that twisted-pair phone cables inspired the new circuits.

These flexible circuits contain two super-small power transmission lines that are connected in repeating S-curves. They are formed into a shape like a three dimensional puzzle, which allows the transmission lines to stretch without reducing their performance.   

The integrated circuits also provide other benefits. They block outside interference and lower current loss by trapping the electromagnetic waves that flow through the lines.

Microwave radio frequencies have wavelengths between one millimeter and one meter. These electromagnetic waves have frequencies that fall inside the 5G range, according to The Economic Times.  

5G networks' wide range of microwave radio frequencies will benefit the increasing number of mobile device users, and major boosts in data speeds as well as coverage areas.

This could provide many applications. For example, staff members in the healthcare industry could monitor patients wirelessly and remotely, which would make them more comfortable and end a bird's nest of cables and wires.

Zhenqiang "Jack" Ma is a Lynn H. Matthias Professor in Engineering at UW-Madison. He shared that the researchers had found a method to add a high-frequency transistor into a wireless circuit.  

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Here's a video on flexible circuit boards: