• Police Raid Entertainment Center In Beijing

Police Raid Entertainment Center In Beijing (Photo : Getty Images)

Because of the way the police deals with arrested sex trade workers and their clients, the Beijing Academy of Social Science and the Social Science Academic Press released a blue paper on Wednesday suggesting that prostitution be legalized instead.

Global Times reported that the blue paper sought a change in the systems so that courts could mete proper penalties for those caught engaged in the flesh trade. With that proposal, state power abuse could be avoided and citizens’ personal freedom would be protected better.

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However, experts said that public opinion is against legalizing prostitution.

The police, under the present system, could arrest people involved in the flesh trade, including clients, penalize and jail them for two years without trial.

Commenting on the current system, Wang Shuo, lecturer from the School of Arts and Law under Beijing University of Chemical Technology and author of the blue paper, said, “The so-called administrative detention and detention with education administered by police for sex-related violations are a violation of personal freedom which lack a legal basis, as well as unified standards.”

He added that the police, in the punishment process, serve as administration and judiciary. Wang cited the recent death of environmentalist Lei Yang as an example of police abuse.

Because of its illegal status, it is difficult to provide the number of people involved in the flesh trade in China, but they operate openly in hotels, karaokes, entertainment center, saunas, massage parlors and similar establishments, according to factsanddetails.