• Madame Tussauds Reveal Kim Hyun-joong Wax Figure

Madame Tussauds Reveal Kim Hyun-joong Wax Figure (Photo : Getty Images)

With a slew of commercial endorsements, a new movie, a successful TV show and fan meets in Asia, it would not be a surprise of “Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki would be the envy of other Hallyu stars. After all, he is the most popular celebrity now in China and South Korea.

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Fellow Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong believes he should be earning as much as Song Joong-ki had not a scandal erupted involving his former girlfriend, Ms. Choi, reported Soompi. On Friday, while Song Joong-ki was preparing for the 52nd Baeksang Art Awards, Kim Hyun Joong was at the first court hearing on a 1.6-billion-won damage claim and his former girlfriend who is the mother of the actor’s son.

Testifying on behalf of Kim Hyun Joong, Mr. Yang, CEO of Keyeast Entertainment which manages the actor, told the court, “They say Hallyu Song Joong Ki achieved a financial gain in the trillions of won, and if it hadn’t been for ‘A’s” disclosure, there was potential for Kim Hyun Joong to have achieved more than that.” “A” referred to Ms. Choi.

On Aug. 22, 2014, the woman accused the actor of assault and on Sept. 2, 2014, the police questioned Kim Hyun Joong. The two incidents resulted in 1,690 articles published in media.

Mr. Yang said that the actor shook in fear because of the negative publicity, and 20 days after the assault, he settled with his former girlfriend by paying her 600 million won. The incident resulted in contract cancellations worth billions of won.

The CEO disclosed that he had to call Dispatch, a new outlet which was allegedly reporting biased news on the assault because it gave only the side of Ms. Choi. He asked the news organization, “Will you only stop if Hyun Joong commits suicide because of the one-sided reports?”

Attorney Lee Jae Man, the lawyer of the actor, cited as lost income for Kim Hyun Joong 300 million won guarantee for a Mexico and Beijing concert, 600 million won for endorsement of a duty free mall and cancellation of appearance in a 16-episode Chinese drama.

The hearing is in response to a 1.6-billion won lawsuit for physical and psychological damage Ms Choi filed against her ex-boyfriend in April 2015.

Kim Hyun Joong is an actor, singer, dancer, leader and main rapper of South Korean boyband SS501. He played Yoon Ji-hoo in “Boys Over Flowers” and Baek Seung-jo in “Playful Kiss.”