• Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ celebrates their one-year anniversary by taking a tropical getaway last March.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ celebrates their one-year anniversary by taking a tropical getaway last March. (Photo : Instagram/taylorswift )

Earlier this week, it was reported that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have decided to part ways after 15-month of dating. Now, new reports claimed that Harris began to lose interest in her over the past few months, which could be the reason for their split.

An unnamed source told E! News that the 32-year-old Scottish DJ, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, was the one who broke up with Swift. It is said that Harris has been bored for some time in their relationship.

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"Adam has been bored for a while and was hoping the spark would come back, but it hasn't," the unnamed source said.

The source went ahead to attest that numerous friends were even surprised that Harris and Swift's relationship lasted for 15 months, pointing out the estranged couple's lack of chemistry. Another insider had previously claimed that Harris started to lose interest in dating the 26-year-old pop star, as it seemed like they were more friends than lovers.

Adding on, the two reportedly took a break from each other because of their respective working schedules. Sources claimed that Harris and Swift were not compatible in many areas of their relationship.

Other reports then guaranteed that neither one of the parties cheated on the other and stressed that their relationship was not progressing any longer. The break-up news came soon after Harris endured injuries that he sustained in a car accident on May 21, causing him to cancel a few music shows and concerts.

Despite the noise, the exes remained tight-lipped about their break-up. Nonetheless, sources claimed that Harris and Swift were still on good terms. As a matter of fact, Harris took to Twitter on June 3, Friday and posted a message about the matter, which was shortly retweeted by Swift.

As recalled, Swift and Harris began dating one another in March 2015. After a few months being together, Forbes named the duo as the highest-paid celebrity couple over the previous year, in light of their consolidated income of more than $146 million.

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