• Grimm is an American police procedural fantasy television drama series that debuted in the U.S. on NBC on October 28, 2011.

Grimm is an American police procedural fantasy television drama series that debuted in the U.S. on NBC on October 28, 2011. (Photo : Facebook/Grimm)

"Grimm" Season 5 wrapped up, and fans are wondering what could be the next move for Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz). Renard is not the only concern since it appears like Nick (David Giuntoli) will have to watch his back for the fierce collaboration of Renard and Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) in Season 6.

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In "Grimm" Season 5 finale, Renard demonstrated her great powers by killing Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), the man who hurt Adalind (Claire Coffee). According to Diana, no one has the right to offend her mother.

Nick will also be Diana's target since he has become a huge setback to the reunion of her parents. She wants her family to be together again and she is ready to take down the Grimm to ensure this happens.

"Grimm" Season 5 left Renard's allegiance unknown; blood dripping from is sword as he gazed at Bonaparte's corpse. Similarly, Meisner died in Season Finale.

In an interview with TVLine, executive producers David Greenwalt and James Kouf were asked why they thought it were the right time for Meisner to die in the finale. Kouf said that it was just reality, especially since Black Claw tricked their people into leaving HW unguarded, or short of a few men, and that is what they were looking for: an opportunity to get in. As they moved in, Meisner happened to be there and he could not evade death.

Meanwhile, in an interview with TV Insider, Giuntoli said that the new season will shift from the Black Claw and Hadrian's fight to focus on the main characters. The character to watch out for is Renard, who is the new big bad that has risen to power.

Renard being Nick's main enemy means dealing with his daughter. If he manages to convince Diana about Nick, she will be a big threat. At her tender age, Diana already understands her powers.

Giuntoli said, "There's a pattern of behavior with Renard that's well established by now. Renard is in love with himself and with power, so when he slays Bonaparte Nick isn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's probably thinking 'Am I next? Or maybe, is Renard trying to use me for something here?"

The actor added that in some way, what happened is not surprising. In case Renard is incredibly power hungry, there is no reason why he would not stab Nick in the back.

"Grimm" Season 6 is slated to debut this fall on NBC. Here is a sneak peek for more information.