• Kathryn Dennis ready for baby no. 3 with Thomas Ravenel after Saint?

Kathryn Dennis ready for baby no. 3 with Thomas Ravenel after Saint? (Photo : Instagram/Kathryn Dennis)

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis finally took home their son, Julien, who they fondly call Saint, in the latest episode of "Southern Charm" Season 3. The reality stars also revealed that Ravenel agreed to take a paternity test, to see if Julien is really his son.

The latest episodes of "Southern Charm" Season 3 is getting more and more exciting as the drama between Ravenel and Dennis starts to thicken. While the two looked like a little happy family from the outside, their friends knew that he is still not convinced that he is actually the father.

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Ravenel later told "Southern Charm" co-star John David "JD" Madison that he already had a test done. The results, however, were inconclusive. While Patricia Altschul seemed appalled with having another paternity test, Craig Conover argued that Dennis was seeing someone else the time Julien was conceived. He coyly added that he will not be surprised if they found out that Ravenel was not the father.

"At the time of Julien's conception, Kathryn was dating someone else. Her and Thomas say they had a weekend romance around that time, and that's when it happened, but she was steadily dating someone. I, honest to God, think there's a very good chance that this baby isn't Thomas's," Conover said

Whitney Sudler-Smith held that Ravenel could decide to take another paternity test just for his peace of mind. Their varying opinions, however, ended up confusing Ravenel even more.

Early on in the episode, Ravenel and Dennis were seen happily getting along, eager to make their relationship work. At one point, Ravenel evenly jokingly asked Dennis if she was ready for a third child, to which she replied that what she was ready for is an engagement ring. The two seemed to be evaluating their relationship as they both agree that things could work out between them if only Dennis was always this optimistic. She also tried to impress him with her domestic skills. Ravenel is also ready to put their past behind and hoped they will always be friends.

"Shahs of Sunset" Season 3 airs Mondays on Bravo.