• Kanye West (L) and Beck (R)

Kanye West (L) and Beck (R) (Photo : Reuters )

Based on Kanye West's antics and comments during this year's Grammy awards, it seems that he sees himself as the judge and jury about what "true" art is. Once again he made the argument that Beyonce was deserving of the Album of the Year award-in his opinion.

West made headline news in 2009 when he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift during the VMAs. He then praised Beyonce for producing one of the all-time greatest albums.   

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This year, West approached Beck as he was receiving the Album of the Year award at the Grammys. However, this time he stopped short of grabbing the mic; instead, he shrugged and grinned, and then returned to his seat.

West was later asked why he hadn't taken the award from Beck. He replied that he wouldn't take any actions that would put his "daughter at risk."     

Based on West's comments, it seems that he believes he alone can accurately judge about the greatness of a particular album. And those who dare to disagree with him are "not respecting the craft," according to New York Daily News.

West even insisted that Beck forfeit his award to Beyonce. In a bit of irony, as with the 2009 VMAs Beyonce wore a look of shock as West stormed the stage.  

One response to West's antics and comments is that the Grammys is by definition an awards show. The artists are being awarded for an overall consensus about their work, rather than one person deeming their music as true art.  

On the other hand, West's friend John Legend found it funny.

The "All Of Me" hitmaker told Us Weekly"I thought it was funny. I looked at it as just a funny thing that people were going to talk about."