• Kratos tells his son that he is hungry in the new God of War 4 trailer from Sony.

Kratos tells his son that he is hungry in the new God of War 4 trailer from Sony. (Photo : YouTube / PlayStation)

Sony has unveiled the first God of War 4 trailer for the PlayStation 4 and possibly also for the PlayStation NEO as well during their E3 2016 press conference.

Most of the fans have been taken by surprise considering that there were little to no rumors of Santa Monica Studios developing the new God of War game, which seems to have taken a whole new direction based on the trailer. It is shaping up to be another great PS4 exclusive.

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There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the new game. For instance, the trailer shows a wildly different setting compared to the previous GOW games.

One reason for the change in the setting and even the enemies is because Kratos is now dealing with Norse mythology as opposed to the previous titles' Greek mythology, Forbes has learned. There is no explanation given as to how he managed to cross over to the other side.

The trailer shows a dragon flying over Kratos and his son at the end. They were also fighting trolls and hunting huge deer for dinner because Kratos said that he is hungry.

Another question that popped into the viewers' minds is who is the mother of Kratos's new son, which looks to be just under 14 years old in the trailer. He teaches the child to hunt and even kill a giant troll which literally was under a bridge.

Kratos is now rocking a beard and what seems to be an axe with supernatural icy properties, Engadget reported. More weapons could be unveiled when the game is finally released for the PlayStation 4 and hopefully for the PlayStation NEO as well.

Some viewers of the trailer commented that it has a Last of Us feel because of Kratos's son joining him on the journey. Others have speculated that his son will actually be the main protagonist of the game.

Kratos tells his son at the end of the trailer that he is ready for "a new beginning" before a dragon passes them in the skies. There is also a possibility that Kratos could be killed or trapped and his son will fill his shoes for the rest of the game.

God of War 4 has no release date yet as of now but the new nine-minute gameplay trailer certainly shows some promises and progress. Sony may announce the date and if it will support both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation NEO.