• Are Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea ready to take their relationship to the next level?

Are Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea ready to take their relationship to the next level? (Photo : Instagram/Luke Hemmings)

5 Second of Summer's Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are reportedly eager to take their relationship to the next level. A new report revealed that Hemmings' new girlfriend tagged along in 5SOS's latest concert in Barcelona last Friday, to the disappointment of fans.

According to Hollywood Take, 5SOS fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment on Luke and Arzaylea's recent sighting. The outlet pointed out that since from the beginning of their relationship in 2015, several fans were not at all happy with Hemmings' new girlfriend. It seems like him bringing her along in some of the tours pissed them even more.

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"Arzaylea is in Barcelona wtf, why did he had to bring her here?" a fan tweeted.


This, however, is not the first time that she went along with him in one of the tours. Arzaylea was also recently with Luke in Hamburg, Germany.

Arzaylea has been targeted by fans in social media since last year. In November, she reportedly called a security on a fan when the latter tried to get a photo with Hemmings at a Blackbear concert. Days after, 5SOS fans accused her of stealing photos from other designers, such as Sunlit Daisy and Stargaze Jewelry, for her own brand, Crystal Eyes. Owners of the companies mentioned took to Twitter to call Arzaylea's attention. They added that they did not care about her connections or who she is dating, they just wanted her to take down their designs.

Instead of gaining sympathy from 5SOS fans, many thought Arzaylea getting caught was exactly what she deserved.

"Arzaylea makes me laugh, she's so stupid thinking she can get away w/ stealing copyrighted stuff have :) fun :) getting :) sued :) honey :))," a fan tweeted.

On the other hand, many also insisted that she was just using Hemmings to gain popularity even if she explained that she has connections of her own, with her dad being in the music industry since she was just 8 years old. Some 5 Seconds of Summer fans also accused her of leaking a series of private photos of Hemmings, which she has immediately denied.